About ADLab


The ADLab was organized in 1979. It was developed from the Group of Optico-Electronic Multichannel Systems (GOEMS) that had existed since 1974. The principal trends of its activity were:

In the 1970’s - 1980’s the GOEMS and then ADLab was concerned with the development of photometric devices based on television principles, namely:

In cooperation with industrial institutions research was carried out on the creation of new TV tubes, microchannel plate intensifiers and other kinds of photoelectronic devices.

Various pieces of scientific apparatus were put into operation at the 6-m telescope and also at other institutions and universities of Russia.

In 1986 the first CCD system incorporating an array of 512 x 576 pixels was developed in the Lab. In the years that followed another 14 CCD systems using various CCDs were designed.

In the 1990’s the Laboratory has been going on with the investigations concerning the creation of high-quality CCD camera systems with the use of digital signal processors, has been developing  methods of signal processing in real time.

The Laboratory's activity is permanently supported by state scientific-and-engineering programmes in the field of astronomy.

How to contact us

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