Directory of Personnel

In 1998 the Lab has 11 employees.

Name Post E-mail Area of interest
Markelov Sergej V. head of the laboratory astronomical instrumentation, photonics, CCDs, hard real-time systems (HRTS)
Murzin Valery A. Leading engineer photonics, CCDs, HRTS, signal processing, DSP programming, electronic design
Borisenko Anatoly N. Leading engineer photonics, CCDs, cryogenics, HRTS, DSP programming, electronic design
Ivashchenko Nikolaj G. Leading engineer HRTS, architectures, communications, DSP programming, electronic design
Drabek Sergej V. Leading engineer photonics, CCDs, cryogenics, electronic design
Afanasieva Irina V. Engineer software design, image processing
Ardilanov Valery I. Engineer electronic design
Minakova Lyubov P. Engineer engineering design
Kondratiev Nikolaj N. Engineer   assembly of instrumentation
Georgieva Galina A. Engineer   electron devices testing
Ryabukha Ekaterina A. Technician   technical provision

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