Other Web Sites of Interest

CCD Controllers

ESO Optical Detector Team FIERA
SDSU Astronomy Department CCD Lab SDSU I & SDSU II CCD Controllers
CTIO Arcon
Catania Observatory Laboratory for Detectors CCD Controller of the National Telescope ``GALILEO "

Scientific CCDs

Steward Observatory CCD Laboratory CCD thinning, coating, packaging
UCO/Lick Observatory Detector Development Laboratory CCD thinning and testing
Berkeley Lab/Lick CCD Collaboration High-Resistivity CCDs
CFHT Detector Group Large detectors

Commercial Web Sites

CCDs: CCD Camera Systems:
SITe Photometrics
EEV AstroCam
Thomson CSF Princeton Instruments
Philips PixelVision


Tim Abbott's Home Page:Worldwide CCD resources and CCD mail archive

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