27 May

Arrival day; registration
28 May

9:00 Breakfast

Session I

Chairman - Balega Yu.Yu.

10:00 Balega Yu. Opening Talk

10:30 Foy R. Laser Guide Stars: Principle, Cone Effect and Tilt Measurement

11:00 Krelowski J. Molecular Absorptions Originated in Interstellar Clouds

11:30 Pustil'nik L.A. Critical Analysis of Existing Models of Solar Flare Origin

12:00 Mishurov Yu.N. Galactic Status of the Sun

12:30-14:00 Lunch

Session II

Chairman - Mingaliev M.G.

14:00 Akyuz A. Preliminary Results from RTT150 Observations of Supernova Remnants in Two Spiral Galaxies

14:30 Sonbas E. Hydrogen in Early Spectra of the Type Ic Supernova XRF060218/SN2006aj

15:00 Zhelenkova O.P. Application of IVOA Software Tools for Radio Sources Investigation

15:30 Makarov D.I. Mapping of the Local Volume with TRGB Method

16:00 Sharina M.E. Results from the 6m Telescope Observations of Globular Clusters in Dwarf Galaxies

29 May

Session III

Chairman - Mishurov Yu.N.

10:00 Jia Lei. LAMOST Project: Progress and Current Status

10:30 Mingaliev M.G. Study of Extragalactic Sources at the RATAN-600 Radio Telescope

11:00 Moiseev A.V. Scanning FPI for Extragalactic Observations in SAO RAS

11:30 Shchekinov Yu.A. The First Stars in the Universe

12:00 Lepine J. Brazilian Astronomy, SOAR Telescope and IFU Spectrograph

12:30 Ksanfomaliti L.V. New on Planetary Research

13:00-14:00 Lunch

Session IV

Chairman - Lepine J.

14:00 Dodonov S.N. 1-m Byurakan Schmidt Reconstruction

14:30 Malogolovets E. GJ 900 - a New Hierarchical System with Low-Mass Components

15:00 Semenova T.A. Between NVSS and IRAS: Search for New Population of the Sky Objects at RATAN-600

15:30 Sotnikova Yu.V. Investigation of Radio Spectra and Long Term Variability of GHz-Peaked-Spectrum Radio Sources and Candidates at RATAN-600

16:00 Prokhorov M.E. Top Priority RVO Tasks

16:30 Passarge M. Popularization of Astronomical Knowledge

19:00 Concert in the Concert Hall



30 May

7:00 Breakfast

8:00 Excursion to Dombay

31 May

10:00-12:00 General discussion "Future of Astronomy"