Special Astrophysical Observatory and its vicinity

Photos by Vladimir Romanenko, Anatoly Borisenko, Marat Mingaliev, Aleksey Rastorguev, Jia Lei, Alina Naukhat'ko at al.

6m telescope in winter
1m telescope and Hale-Bopp comet
radio telescope RATAN-600
RATAN-600 feed-cabin
6m mirror transportation

school in the Observatory campus
our settlement and 6m telescope view
Observatory campus in spring

Observatory campus in winter
ancient temple
Zelenchuk river valley
beech forest in winter
mountain lake
Sophia mountain lake
Dombay peaks
Marukha valley
Arkhyz river ford
mountain lake
Sophia mountain glacier
Ttrout lake
rhododendron bush
Akkairy waterfall
Kyzgich river
Marukha mountains
Sophia mountain waterfall
alpine meadow