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Theoretical and experimental investigations electrodynamical characteristics of RATAN-600.

Expansion of the wavelength range of RATAN-600.
  • A theoretical study of possibility of the RATAN-600 working within millimetre wavelengths range.
  • Experimental investigations of the RATAN-600 characterisics at millimetre wavelengths from observations of the cosmic sources.
  • Investigation of the atmosphere absorption at millimetre wavelengths range.
  • The methodical Sun observations at millimetre wavelength for estimate of antenna surface condition.
  • Theoretical investigations of the characteristics of RATAN-600 within decimeter wavelength range.

Arrays and focal synthesis of images.

Investigations of new operating modes of RATAN-600.

The azimuth synthesis and the image restoration.

The Earth's atmosphere.
  • Measurement of the atmospheric attenuation and the antenna efficiency with help the method of "vertical cuts" of the Earth's atmosphere.

Adjustment of the RATAN-600 radio telescope.
  • Adjustment with help generator placed in the far-field.
  • Autocollimation adjustment.