Multislit unit

The SCORPIO has a multislit unit entered in a beam before SCORPIO optics. This unit contains 16 slits (width 1.2'', length 18'') movable in 2.9x5.9 arcmin field of view on the telescope's focal plane. The time of an arrangement of all slits to target objects is about 10 min (with error 0.2" per slit)

A photo of the multislit unit:
(1) - a motor moved unit in the beam.
(2) - slits' arrangement mechanism
(3) - 16 slits
(4) - remote control board with microprocessor

Observational example.
The candidates to globular clusters in the galaxy NGC 147 were observed with SCORPIO+multislit in September 2003. Author of the program - M.E. Sharina

Left image shows SCORPIO broad-band image with positions of the slits. Right image presents spectra of all 16 objects.