RATAN-600 siderial time service and Ephemerides

In Automatic seting system its author G. Zhekanis used his created Ephemeride program. Thus the programs of efemerides epoch or task preparation of observation could be used. In MS DOS efemerides of sources could be calculate in program EFRAT , created in SpbITA. Ephemerides of the Sun, Moon, planets and Galiley satellites of Jupiter also as stars and radio sources could calculate from EFRAT.
Time service of RATAN-600 outputs sideral seconds and impulses of minutes with time codes for feed-cabines. These signals are coincided with local sideral time, recalculated from coordinate time UTC, using of sideral time program (stm) having accuracy of 0.0001s. DeltaUTC can be received from Time service or from Astronomical Annuals.

The program stm calculates mean sideral time on any date with high accuracy (usage: stm hh [dd/mm/yy] ). This program takes into account passage to summer time.

Remember: in summer time correction to Greenwich time is 4 hours, for winter it is 3 hours. From 1996 in Russia such transfers do in last Sunday of October (3h->2h) and March (2h->3h), as in most of European counties.