SS433 in 1999

The light curves during new power flare of the peculiar radio source SS433, detected at six frequencies with RATAN-600 in May-June 1999.

Also we show the Green Bank interferometer data at 2.25 and 8.3 GHz^(1).
Quiet spectrum is equal to Snu = 1.3[Jy]nu-0.61+- 0.02 .
Minimum flux spectrum is equal to Snu = 1.15[Jy]nu-0.60+- 0.02 .
Radio spectra in some days of the flare with comparison with quiet spectrum.
The lower plot is the light curves of the flare Snu - Smin.

(1)The Green Bank Interferometer is a facility of the National Science Foundation operated by the NRAO in support of NASA High Energy Astrophysics programs.