Search for local features with pecular properties on the Moon

The first sample of the best quality multifrequency observations obtained earlier has been processed in 1996. The spacial distribution of tangent of the dielectric losses angle being one of the Moon soil characteristics. Observations of the Moon eclipse on 17.09.97 have shown the Moon details contrasts had decreased and the total radio brightness had fallen at all observed frequency range (from 10% at 1.38 sm down to 2.5% at 13 sm). The fall of the Moon radio brightness has been detected during the eclipse at decemeter waves for the first time. That is especially important in estimation of the Moon soil physical parameters. Radio emission of the Copernicus crater at 1.38 and 2.7 sm has been detected for the first time. Reduction results have shown the Moon temperature increases in this crater up to 70-100 K on the depth of about 5-6 m.