The first observation at RATAN-600 was made with North sector on July 12, 1974.

At the wavelength 3,9 m radiation from   the radio source PKS 0521-36 was received.  The radiometer was build by team of Pulkovo engineers headed by D.V. Korol'kov, who was appointed to be Deputy Chief Designer of RATAN-600 in electronic equipment ( Chief Designer was N. L. Kaydanovsky at that time ).
The team comprised by G.M. Timofeeva, A.B. Berlin, V.Ya. Gol'nev, Yu.N. Konovalov and others, who had created a number of unique detectors for the Big Pulkovo Radio Telescope by that time.
In 2014 RN-600 celebrated its 40 anniversary since the first observation was conducted. The Continuum Radiometers Laboratory has developed and constructed a few generations of radiometric devices, however, many significant principles and lines of research, founded by D.V.Korol'kov, are followed even now.