Dr.Sc. Igor Gosachinskij

Gosachinskij Igor Vladimirovitsh has graduated the Moscow State university in 1958 on a speciality " Astronomy ".
Since 1958 Igor Vladimirovitsh was working at GAO AS USSR in a department of radio astronomy.
Since 1969 and till now he is working in SAO RAS.
In 1966 he has graduated the candidate thesises on a topic of "Research of neutral hydrogen in some galactic objects with the antenna of high angular resolution",
and in 1989 - doctor's, on a theme:"Research of interaction of HII region and Super Nova regions with interstellar medium and some other characteristics of interstar gas".
Gosachinskij is a chief of laboratory of radio spectroscopy since 1986.
He is the best expert in the field of research of interstar environment. Twenty years ago Gosachinskij has proved a perspective direction of use of a radiotelescope RATAN-600 for spectral investigation :
research of extended law contrast galactic objects, and the further work has shown fruitfulness of the elected way.

Gosachinskij has found such new effects, as
  • the compression of the cloud of gas in star forming region Sagittarius B2,
  • layer structure of interstar gas in spiral arms of the Galaxy,
  • clouds of gas between spiral arms of the Galaxy,
  • the role of HI envelopes around HII regions and around the Supernova remnants, as sources of energy in interstar environment is investigated,
  • the research of the characteristics of clouds of interstar gas allowed is carried out to make the important conclusions about processes of star forming,
  • the nature of "super shells" of interstar gas and many of other important and interesting works is found out.

Gosachinskij defines directions of development of a spectral complex of RATAN-600 and technique of research of spectral lines with a radiotelescope. Under his management the new types of spectrum analyzers are entered into operation: auto correlation and akusto optical, is developed extensive software for automatic realization of observation on a radiotelescope, collecting of the information and its subsequent processing.
He has more than 120 published works.