SCORPIO parameters

Focal reducer main parameters
Focal ratio at the 6m telescope F/2.6
Spectral Range 3600-10000 A
DQE (telescope+SCORPIO+CCD)80% in Direct Image mode
30% in Long Slit mode
20% in Fabry-Perot mode
Limit magnitude for images R=26.8 (S/N=5 for Texp=1800 sec, seeing 1.5'')
Limit magnitude for low-resol. spectra R=24.0 (S/N=10 in continuum, Texp=7200 sec)

Name TK 1024EEV 42-40
Size, pixels 1024x1024 2048x2048
Scale, arcsec/px 0.32 0.18
Field of view, arcmin 5.46.1
Pixel size, mkm 24x24 13.5x13.5
Quantum Eff. Max 80% 83% Plot of the DQE
Read-of-noise, e 3.0 1.8-4.0
Gain, e/ADU1.1 0.5, 2.1
Dark, e/min0.10.03