Echelle spectrometer

The echelle-spectrometer LYNX is a part of the spectral complex ( NES , MSS , LYNX) having a common control located at the Nasmyth-2 focus platform of the 6-m telescope.
The echelle spectrometer LYNX is designed and assembled by LSS SAO . Optical elements were produced mainly at the Vavilov Optical State Institute, St.Petersbourgh.
Optics The optical layout (without its preslit devices) is presented here .
The preslit devices are presented here .
The focal length of the collimator is F=3074mm, the collimated beam d=100mm.
The echelle gratings of 37.5 gr/mm and 75 gr/mm, the blaze angle 64.3 grad and blazed area 300x200mm are used.
The gratings for cross dispersion have 150, 300 and 600 gr/mm, their blazed area is 145x145mm.
The Shmidt camera's focal length is F=387 mm, the camera's mirror diameter is D=240mm, the diameter of the correction plate is D=210 mm.

The echelle spectrometer LYNX is equipped with the CCD (1040x1160 pixels, the pixel size 16x16mkm) developed by ADL SAO .

This spectrometer is intended for a spectroscopy of objects with a high spectral resolution (R about 35000) in the wavelength range 5000-9000 AA. The number of spectral orders registered simultaneously by the detector is determined by the cross-dispersion grating. The source of the comparison spectrum is a Th-Ar lamp. The accuracy of radial velocity measurements using the spectrograph is 0.1-0.2 km/s, while the equivalent width measuring accuracy amounts to 5-6 %, for the line equivalent widths in the interval 4-10 mA. The CCD and image recording are controlled with a PC inside the environment of OS Linux. Echelle-spectra are available for users in FITS format.

More details you could find in the description of LYNX (PostScript-file, in Russian). Some details of the construction are presented in the SAO Preprint, 1999, N139.

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