Stellar spectroscopy - input in VO

Russian Foundation for Basic Research

The RFBR project 05-07-90017
"Stellar spectroscopy - input in virtual observatory"

P.I. - V.G. Klochkova.

The team:

Chentsov E., Nasonov D., Panchuk V., Tavolganskaya N., Yushkin M., and some students.

Here we present briefly our main results:

  • Look through and use the collection of databases, sites and pages concerning this project we compiled.
  • Take into account the modified version of the packet for echelle frames processing. Inside the OS Linux environment the new version of software for echelle spectra extracting from two-dimensional echelle frames was developed. It was made inside the ECHELLE context of the well known system MIDAS. This version of programs packet provides extraction of spectra obtained with an image slicer.
  • For the first time we produced an atlas of highly resolution spectra of subdwarfs in groundbased UV-range.
  • Use our "Catalogue of HeI lines measured in spectra of stars" we prepared under the RFBR financial support.
  • ADC_Keywords: Equivalent widths


    Catalogue of equivalent widths W for neutral helium lines presented is based on numerous photographic spectral observations of B-stars made during 1978-1986 with the 6m telescope of Special Astrophysical Observatory of Russian Academy of Sciences. Original results of spectroscopy of B-stars inside the galactic open clusters and stellar associations were published by Klochkova and Panchuk in Soviet Astron. Letters, 12, p. 387, 1986 and 13, p. 23, 1987. To make easier the procedure of W reduction, several A- and O-stars were included in the Catalogue. All sequent steps of W reduction were descibed in Klochkova and Panchuk. 1987. Soobschenija of Special Astrophysical Observatory, No. 54, p. 5. Due to profiles of HeI lines are essentially distinguished in spectra both of supergiants and normal stars, the procedure of W reduction were made separately for these types of stars.
    After reduction to the common system of the published data and of observational data obtained by authors a homogeneous catalogue of equivalent widths W for eight neutral helium lines (HeI, lambda 4009, 4026, 4121, 4144, 4387, 4471, 4713 A) for 524 stars is compiled. The catalogue is added by the mean values of W for H gamma and H delta lines being also reduced to the common system of equivalent widths.
    The Catalogue is presented as a table. The columns of the table contain the HD-number (for some stars BD or CBD-catalogue) and Sp of a star, W(H) in A, W of HeI-lines in mA and a source of original values of W. The symbol '0' in the column with references means unpublished values obtained by V. Klochkova. The adopted W values are presented in the last line for each star.
    Historical Remarks: 2005-Jul-26: Catalog standardized (D.S. Nasonov) Supplement of 22 stars in globular clusters were added.
    Contact person: V.G. Klochkova (

  • Catalogue of profiles of hydrogen lines in spectra of 235 B-F stars was sent in the CDS. The catalogue is available at the WEb-address;
  • Two atlases of spectra of representative high luminous stars are produced and published. The main distinguished feature of the atlases is high quality spectral data obtained at the 6-meter telescope. You can see the spectral atlas of a post-AGB star HD56126 and of hot O9.5-A1 type supergiants .
  • To achieve the interoperability inside the Astrospectroscopy Laboratory whose staff works under this project, the local net LAnet was made. The local net is based on the IBM server xSeries236 and includes 5 personal computers working ine Linux environment and 7 personal computers under Windows XP. The above mentioned server and 4 PC were paid from the RFBR expences.
  • We made numerous spectral observations at the 6-meter telescope with high spectral resolution and after processing new high resolution spectra we derived thus new observing data bulks to transfer their to the Strasbourg astronomical Data Center (CDS). We prepared and transferred to CDS files with spectral lines identified in spectra of both the extremely high luminous star CygOB2-#12 ( and distant cool star - an optical counterpart of an IR-source IRAS20508+2011 ( /viz-bin/VizieR?-source=J/AZh/83/265);
  • The procedure of scanning of photographic spectra obtained in 1980-1990 within large spectral programs at the 6-meter telescope was developed and tested. It is shown validity of choice of the digital scanner MicroTek i900 (4.2D 3200x6400 dpi) we purchased. The digital volume of the spectral data scanned is equal to 30Gb.
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