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Scientific achievements, Galaxy sector


The images and maps of polarization for a massive protostar S140 IRS1, immersed in a dark molecular cloud were obtained at the 6-m telescope using speckle interferometry in the infrared 2.2 micron band. According to the structure of the flocky envelope around the nascent star it was found that the bright emission was caused by the reflection of radiation from the inner walls of the cavity formed by a powerful molecular outflow from the protostar. The mass of the ejected material is 6 times larger than the mass of the young star.

Three rare in power radio flares were registered in the microquasar Cyg X-3 at six frequency ranges from 1 to 22 GHz at the RATAN-600. In the absence of bursts in the hard X-ray range, these non-thermal radio bursts are due to the variation in the jet ejection geometry, rather than to the increasing accretion on the relativistic component.
In collaboration with the NRAO (USA), MRAO (UK), and Marshall Space Flight Center (USA).

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