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Scientific achievements, Galaxy sector


Orbital motion of three very young multiple stars within the Orion Trapezium 1Ori A, B and C) has been detected during 7 years of observation with BTA in optic and infrared. Age of the brightest of them, Θ1 Ori C, does not exceed several tens thousand years and its mass reaches 35 solar masses. For the first time masses of the satellites (from 3 to 10 masses of the Sun) have been determined and it was found that circumstellar matter around them was still present.
In cooperation with Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy (Bonn, Germany).

Observations of the bipolar nebula AFGL2688 on a 6m telescope with a record spectral resolution resulted in separating details of a photosphere origin from details of a circumstellar origin with velocities pertinent to the observable stage and to the previous stage of evolution of the object. For the first time a transition from a carbon stage star to a post-AGB star, the inner layers of which passed through a CN-cycle, has been registered.

As a result of modeling of a magnetic field structure of chemically peculiar stars it was found that apart from the well known dipole component there were quadrupole components unaccounted for in terms of relic mechanism. This result requires some improvement of the theory of stellar magnetic field origin.
In cooperation with Institute for Astrophysics (Potsdam, Germany).

Periodical increase in brightness of a white dwarf caused by gravitational amplification of radiation coming from binary systems of compact objects (white dwarfs, white dwarf and neutron star, white dwarf and black hole) can be detected in our Galaxy with a probability of 10-3 - 10-5. Deep wide field photometry allows to detect up to 10 pairs of compact objects per year. This method is presently the most effective one, especially for detection of black holes.

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