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Scientific achievements, Solar system


Using the original method of diagnostics of the Solar corona structure by the effects of radio wave refraction (space-frequency tomography) in the wavelength range of 2-30 cm on the RATAN-600 telescope, the electron density, emission measure and porosity of coronal loops was measured for the first time regardless of the optical data. It is shown that most of the matter is concentrated in the super-dense loops, occupying less than 10% of the total coronal volume.

Comparing the data of microwave and VHF radio emission with the new RATAN-600 data on the inversion of polarization it was found that the narrow-band dual polarization inversion is observed in active regions with noise storms. This phenomenon is interpreted as an indication that the current layers are located in the upper solar corona, being the sources of particle acceleration and energy storing places for the noise storms.

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Last update: 17/02/2011