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Scientific achievements, Solar system


A comparison of radiation in the corona above the spot in the radio and X-ray ranges
In the observations of the 04.01.2011 solar eclipse at the RT-32 (the observatories Svetloe and Zelenchukskaya) and RATAN-600 radio telescopes the limiting angular resolution (1 arc second) in the eclipse observations in the microwave frequency range was reached for the first time, determined by the diffraction on the lunar limb. We obtained accurate measurements of the effective height above the photosphere, where in the corona the source of microwave radiation over the spots is located. The positions of the spot center in the radio range with the images in the coronal lines of the ultraviolet and X-ray ranges were compared. It was found that the measured high brightness temperature of the radio source above the spot, amounting to 6 million degrees, does not yield any luminance in the coronal lines. This indicates a different nature of plasma heating in the radio, EUV and X-ray frequency ranges.
(Contact - Peterova N.G.)

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