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Scientific achievements, Solar system


Detection of the 4th harmonica in the cyclotron radiation above the spot
Radiation of the 4th harmonica of the gyro-frequency in the Solar corona above the spot was detected due to detailed spectroscopic observations at RATAN-600 with high accuracy polarization measurements. Radio astronomical measurements of cyclotron radiation are based on the fact that radiation generated in a magnetic field is circularly polarized, and the sign and degree of polarization depend on the type of radiation mechanism, temperature, and density of plasma, in the place where the radiation emerged and propagated. In the case of the defined emission mechanism, polarization measurements of radio emission provide an opportunity to determine the magnetic field strength. Significance of the result obtained is defined by the importance of measurements of coronal magnetic fields in those areas of the solar atmosphere, where traditional optical methods based on the Zeeman and Hanle effects are inefficient because of high coronal temperatures.
Authors: Kaltman T.I., Bogod V.M., Storozhenko A.A.
The result was presented at the "Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 2017" XXI Russian Annual Conference on Solar Physics (October 0, 2017 - October 13, 2017), Pulkovo Observatory

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