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Scientific achievements, Solar system


The effect of a magnetic field on the damping of slow magnetosonic waves in the solar corona
The influence of the magnetic field strength and the associated plasma parameter β (beta) on the dynamics of slow magnetosonic (MS) waves in plasma loops of the solar corona was studied. It has been demonstrated that the feedback effect of the thermal imbalance induced by MS waves with these waves makes it possible to explain the observed anomalously low Q factor of the waves of this type without involving anomalously high values of the thermal conductivity and viscosity coefficients. The results of this study are a theoretical basis for diagnosing key parameters of the Solar corona plasma, such as the magnetic field and the corona heating function by magnetohydrodynamic seismology using observations of solar and stellar flares both in the radio range, in particular with the RATAN-600 SAO RAS telescope after implementation of the guidance mode and with the help of SAO RAS optical telescopes. A separate significant result is the establishment of the application field of the infinite magnetic field approximation which greatly simplifies theoretical modeling of dynamic and thermal processes in plasma loops of the Solar corona.
Authors: V.M. Nakariakov (SAO RAS) in cooperation with Duckenfield T.J. (the University of Warwick, Great Britain), Kolotkov D.Ju. (the University of Warwick, Great Britain), ISTP SB RAS)
1. Duckenfield T.J., Kolotkov D.Y., Nakariakov V.M., The effect of the magnetic field on the damping of slow waves in the solar corona, 2021, Astron. Astrophys., 646, A155, DOI:10.1051/0004-6361/202039791.

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