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Russian Telescopes Program Committee

The Russian Telescopes Program Committee at the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO) formed by the order of FASO on December 19, 2016 No675 and works based on the regulations on the Committee.

RTPC members:

    K.A. Postnov - Chairman, Science Deputy Director of Steinberg Astronomical Institute MSU, D.Sc.
    A.M. Romanov - Secretary, Head of Department of coordination between agencies in the area of natural sciences FASO, Ph.D.
    Optical Astronomy:
    V.V. Vlasyuk - Director of SAO RAS, Ph.D.
    M.A. Pogodin - Main Researcher of Central AO RAS at Pulkovo, D.Sc.
    S.Yu. Sazonov - Head of Sector of Space Research Institute RAS, D.Sc.
    M.E. Sachkov - Science Deputy Director of Insitute of Astronomy RAS, D.Sc.
    V.P. Reshetnikov - Professor of Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty of St.Petersburg State University, D.Sc.
    Radio Astronomy:
    A.V. Ipatov - Director of Institute of Applied Astronomy RAS, D.Sc.
    V.D. Kuznetsov - Director of Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation (IZMIRAN), D.Sc.
    Yu.Yu. Kovalev - Corresponding Member of RAS, Head of Laboratory of Astro Space Center Lebedev Physical Institute RAS, D.Sc.
    A.B. Pushkarev - Leading Researcher of Crimean AO, D.Sc.
    M.G. Mingaliev - Acting Head of Scientific Research of SAO RAS, D.Sc.

    Executive Secretary -  R.I. Uklein , junior researcher of SAO RAS, Ph.D.

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Last update: 17/01/2017