1971 - 1976  -  student of  the Astronomy Department of the Faculty of  Mathematics & Mechanics of SPBU
                        (Leningrad State University).
1987 -  defence of PhD thesis  "Compact groups of galaxies"Leningrad State University.

2002defence of dissertation for a Doctor's degree "Spatial distribution and structure of galaxies on
  the base of studying of the brightest stars",  Saint-Petersburg State University.

Scientific interests:
photometry of galaxies, distribution of stellar populations
archaeology: culture of ancient alans (Northern Caucasia):

Kyafar site (download pdf 3 Mb, only Russian version)
Museum of Nizhnij Arkhyz (download  pdf (2 Mb), download booklet for print (1 Mb), only Russian version)
Sarmat settlement  nearby of Nizhnij Arkhyz site
Compound bow of Nizhnij Arkhyz site, paper in journal "Voennaja Arkheologija", (download  pdf (2 Mb), available only Russian version)
Alan interments of
V-VII centuries in Nizhnij Arkhyz site
Dzhissa is a cult mountain of early Middle Ages