In 1973 I graduated from the Department of Astrophysics (prof S.B. Pikelner)
of Moscow State University.

In the same year I was hired to the Department of Physics of Stars and Nebula
(supervisor S.V. Rublev)  at Special Astrophysical Observatory.

In 1989 I defended PhD dissertation “Statistical study of chemically peculiar stars”.

From 1988 to 1993 I had worked in the Laboratory of Extragalactic research
(supervisor I.D. Karachentsev).

During 1992-2000 I had been acting as a head of Trades Committee of the observatory.

During 2003-2007 I had worked in a group which studied gamma-bursts
(supervisor V.V. Sokolov).

During 2007-2015 I had  worked in the group of research extragalactic systems
(supervisor N.A. Tikhonov).

Research Interests

Applied Mathematical Statistics,
catalogues and Data Bases of extragalactic objects,
 structure of the Universe at various scales.