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A.P.<->FK5 Form TCS coordinates Form TCS control
Today For a Week Month Year Maps & Forecast
BTA TV-channels Live TV
TCS state Targ.Form TSC TSC docs Author's Home
for BTA
Demo. Calc BTA-trace BTA oil (Ru)
BTA TCS current status information and drawings.
BTA TCS online input and control.
Meteo graphs, satellite maps, weather forecast.
BTA TV cameras presentations.
Help & etc. information.
Local links & demonstration.
Today's temperature, air-pressure and wind graphs.
Archived temperature, air-pressure and wind graphs.
Satellite cloudiness maps and weather forecast.
Temperature graphs from BTA-TCS local Web-site.
BTA operator's and observer's TV-cameras.
Common BTA TV-channels presentation page.
TCS status page help information.
Input object Form help information.
BTA & Zeiss-1000 FITS/WCS Fixer Web-interfaces.
Demonstration series of 90 TCS status pages.
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Vantage Pro Weather Station located at Zeiss-1000.
TSC software architecture description.
TV Image Stream interfaces (for Mozilla-like browsers!)
Interface to Zeiss-1000 WebCameras.
Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year!
Input Form for object coordinates to send to TCS.
TCS online interface (for Netscape-like browsers!)
BTA guiding telescope TV-camera
USNO-A2.0 Catalogue interface for BTA
Formula calculator Form.
A.P.<->FK5 coordinates transformation Form.
Sky-survey TV-cameras at Zeiss-1000.
Zeiss-1000 guiding telescope Atik USB camera
Oil system information and archive (Russian)
BTA-trace archive (TCS history)
BTA TCS descriptions & manuals (Russian)
GRB and some other events history from NASA GCN/TAN system