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  • International "Fall 2012 Gamma Ray Burst Symposium" 8-12 October 2012, Marbella, Spain
    • V.V.Sokolov et al. "The monitoring of GRB afterglows and the study of their host galaxies with the SAO RAS 6-m telescope from 1997".
    • A.S.Moskvitin, V.V.Sokolov, V.N.Komarova, T.N.Sokolova, on behalf of the international team. "GRB-SN connection in SAO RAS observations". Poster
    • V.N.Komarova, V.G.Kurt, Yu.A.Shibanov, V.V.Sokolov, T.N.Sokolova "Studies of Isolated Neutron Stars and their surroundings at the 6m Telescope of SAO RAS". Poster
    • Yu.N.Parijskij, O.P.Zhelenkova, P.Thomasson, A.I.Kopylov, A.V.Temirova, I.V.Sokolov, V.N.Komarova, O.J.A.Bravo Calle "The multi-band study of an environment of the powerful radio source RC J0311+0507 as a step for the understanding of massive stellar system formation on Z>4". Poster
  • International scientific forum "Science and Society: Science and progress of humanity 8-12 October 2012, Saint-Petersburg
    • V.V.Sokolov "Optical identification of gamma-ray bursts at BTA (1993-2012)"
  • Conference "High-energy astrophysics today and tomorrow - 2012", 24-28 December 2012, Space Research Institute, Moscow
    • V.N.Komarova, V.G.Kurt, Yu.A.Shibanov, D.A.Safina "Photometrical study of PSR B1951+32 vicinity from observations with the 6m telescope". Poster
    • Yu.N.Parijskij, O.P.Zhelenkova, P.Thomasson, A.I.Kopylov, A.V.Temirova, I.V.Sokolov, V.N.Komarova, O.J.A. Bravo Kalle "Multiband photometry of environment of a powerful radio galaxy with the purpose to search for a protocluster at Z=4.5"
  • XXIX Conference "Topical problems of extragalactic astronomy", 17-19 April 2012, Puschino Radio Astronomical Observatory of ASC FIAN
    • V.V.Sokolov "Gamma-ray bursts and modern observational cosmology" (review)
  • All-Russian Youth Astronomical Conference "Observational evidences of stellar evolution", 15-19 October 2012, SAO RAS, Nizhnij Arkhyz
    • A.S.Moskvitin, T.N.Sokolova, V.V.Sokolov, V.N.Komarova, S. B.Pandey, R. Roy, Brajesh Kumar, V. K. Bhatt, A. J. Castro-Tirado, A. de Ugarte Postigo, J. Gorosabel, S. S. Guziy, M.Jelinek, A. J. Drake, D.Yu, Tsvetkov. "Connection between supernovae and gamma-ray bursts from observations in SAO RAS". Poster.


  • Indian-Russian workshop "Gamma-Ray Bursts, Evolution of Massive Stars and Star Formation at High Red Shifts” , March 2-4, 2011, ARIES Institute, Nainital, India
    • V.V.Sokolov "The gamma-ray bursts, core-collapse supernovae and global star forming rate at large redshifts"
    • A.S.Moskvitin, T.A.Fatkhullin, V.V.Sokolov and V.N.Komarova, "Spectral and photometric monitoring of CCSNe at SAO RAS"
    • V.N. Komarova, T.A. Fatkhullin, V.G. Kurt (Astro Space Center, LPI RAS), Yu.A. Shibanov (Ioffe PhTI RAS) "Studies of Isolated Neutron Stars and Their Surroundings at the 6m Telescope of SAO RAS"
  • Conference "High-energy astrophysics today and tomorrow - 2011" , Space Research Institute, Moscow, December 13-16, 2011
    • V.v.Sokolov "Gamma-ray bursts, core-collapse supernovae and star forming rate at high red shifts - new observational tasks in optical, IR and radio ranges"
    • V.N.Komarova, V.G.Kurt (ASC FIAN), I.V.Sokolov (TB of IARAS), Yu.A.Shibanov (Ioffe PhTI) "Optical observatins of fields of Fermi LAT pulsars". Poster
  • Workshop on gamma-ray bursts in StPetersburg, StPetersburg State University, Main Astronomical Observatory, Physical-Technical Institute, Institute of Applied Astronomy, September 27 – October 7, 2011.
    • V.v.Sokolov " Gamma-ray bursts, supernovae and star forming at high red shifts - on observatinal tasks in optical, IR and radio ranges"
    • A.S.Moskvitin "Observations of supernovae in SAO with BTA and other telescopes"
    • A.S.Moskvoton " Modelling spectral energy distibution of a GRB host galaxy by the example of GRB021004"
    • V.N.Komarova "Lucky Imaging – the approach to the diffraction limit of a telescope"
  • Conference "Large optical telescopes", SAO, Nizhnij Arkhyz, October 11-13, 2011.
    • V.N.Komarova "Lucky Imaging – the approach to the diffraction limit of a telescope". Poster


  • Workshop "New Directions in Modern Cosmology", Lorentz Center of Leiden University, Netherlands, September,25 - October,3, 2010.
    • V.V.Sokolov “The star forming rate, core-collapse supernovae rate and gamma-ray burst rate at large redshifts".
  • All-Russian Astronomical Conference VAK-2010 "From Galileo epoch to present days" , Nizhnij Arkhyz, September 12-19, 2010.
    • A.S.Moskvitin, T.A.Fatkhullin, V.V.Sokolov, V.N.Komarova, T.N.Sokolova, A.Drake, R.Roy, B.Kumar, S.B.Pandey, D.Yu.Tsvetkov. "Spectral and photometric monitoring of distant core-collapse supernovae in SAO RAS".
    • T.A.Fatkhullin, A.S.Moskvitin, V.V.Sokolov, V.N.Komarova, A.Drake, R.Roy, Brajesh Kumar, S.B.Pandey, "SN2009de: a high-luminosity type Ic supernova at z=0.31".
    • A.S.Moskvitin, T.A.Fatkhullin, V.V.Sokolov, A.J.Castro-Tirado "Observations of optical afterglows of gamma-ray bursts with BTA: results and plans". Poster
    • V.N.Komarova, T.A.Fatkhullin, V.G.Kurt, Yu.A.Shibanov. "Isolated neutron stars from observations in the optical range". Poster
  • Conference "High-energy astrophysics today and tomorrow - 2010" , Space Research Institute, Moscow, December 21-24, 2010.
    • A.S.Moskvitin, T.A.Fatkhullin, V.V.Sokolov. "Results of the monitoring of GRB afterglows in SAO RAS". Poster
  • School of young scientists "Nonlocal boundary problems and the problems of modern analysis and informatics”, Nalchik-Khabez, June 25-30, 2010.
    • A.S.Moskvitin "Modelling spectral energy distributions of gamma-ray burst host galaxies".

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