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GRB mini-workshop 2006
GRB workshop 2009

GRB workshop 2009


Many faces of GRB phenomena - optics vs high energy

October 12-16, 2009

     Scientific Organizing Committee

  • V.V. Sokolov (SAO RAS, Russia)
  • A.J. Castro-Tirado (IAA, Spain)
  • Sh.B. Pandey (ARIES, India)
  • V.M. Lipunov (SAI SMU, Russia)
  • A.S. Pozanenko (ASC, Russia)
  • Yu.A. Schekinov (SFU, Russia)


  • L.G. Balazs (Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary)
  • M. Barkov (Space Science Institute, Russia)
  • G. Beskin (SAO RAS, Russia)
  • R. Budnik (Physics Faculty of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
  • T. Fatkhullin (SAO RAS , Russia)
  • S. Guziy (IAA-CSIC, Spain)
  • Brajesh Kumar (ARIES, India)
  • V. Komarova (SAO RAS , Russia)
  • I. Khrykin (SFU, Russia)
  • L. Mankiewicz (Center for Theoretical Physics, Warsaw, Poland)
  • P. Minaev (SSI, Russia)
  • A. Moskvitin (SAO RAS , Russia)
  • V.B. Petkov (Baksan Neutron Observatory, Russia)
  • A.S. Pozanenko (Space Science Institute, Russia)
  • I. Rabinak (Physics Faculty of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
  • R. Roy (ARIES, India)
  • Yu.A. Schekinov (SFU, Russia)
  • B. Shtern (Astro-Space Center, Moscow)
  • V.V. Sokolov (SAO RAS, Russia)
  • T.N. Sokolova (SAO RAS , Russia)
  • O.V. Verkhodanov (SAO RAS, Russia)
  • A. Volnova (SAI, SSI, Russia)
  • A. Zakharov (Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Russia



     Chairman Gregory Beskin

  1. Yu. Balega. Opening talk
  2. V.V.Sokolov. The words from Org. Committee.
  3. Fatkhullin T. et al. Observations of GRB optical afterglows with the 6-meter telescope: recent results and future plans.
  4. Sokolov V.V. et al. Gamma-Ray Bursts and Puzzles of Core-Collapse Supernovae.
  5. Moskvitin A. et al. Spectral and photometric monitoring of distant SNe in SAO RAS.
  6. R. Roy. Optical Study of a Type II Event SN 2008gz.

     Chairman Boris Shtern

  1. R. Budnik. The structure of relativistic radiation mediated shocks and x-ray Supernova shock breakouts.
  2. I. Rabinak. The UV-O early emission from supernovae.
  3. L. Balazs. Is Angular Distribution of GRBs random?
  4. Verkhodanov O., Sokolov V., Khabibullina M. On the positional correlation of gamma-ray bursts and CMB peaks.


     Chairman Sergei Guziy

  1. Brajesh Kumar. Detection and study of supernovae with the 4-m International Liquid Mirror Telescope (ILMT).
  2. Alexander Zakharov. Exoplanets searches with microlensing.
  3. Valerij Petkov. Search for very high-energy gamma-ray bursts.
  4. Boris Shtern. An explosive dissipation of relativistic bulk motion via photon breeding.
  5. Pavel Minaev. Extended emission in short gamma-ray bursts registered by SPI-ACS of INTEGRAL observatory.

     Chairman Alexander Zakharov

  1. Alina Volnova Host Galaxy of the Dark Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 051008.
  2. Yurij Schekinov. Gas in GRB hosts.

Excursion to the 6-meter telescope


     Chairman Alexej Pozanenko

  1. Barkov M. Close Binary Progenitors of Gamma Ray Bursts.
  2. Zakharov A.Astrophysical ways for evaluation of black hole parameters.
  3. V.N. Komarova, V.G. Kurt, Yu.A. Shibanov. Optical Search for Counterparts to Isolated Neutron Stars with the 6m Telescope of SAO RAS.
  4. S. Guziy, A. J. Castro-Tirado, P. Kubanek, M. Jelinek, J. Gorosabel, R. Cunniffe, A. de Ugarte Postigo, R. Fernandez, P. Yock, B. Allen. The BOOTES Network of robotic telescopes.
  5. Mankiewicz L. Pi of the Sky - new results and recent developments.

Excursion to mountains



     Chairman Yurij Schekinov

  1. Beskin G., Bondar S., Karpov S., Guarnieri A., Bartolini C., Greco G., Piccioni A. Wide and fast, past and the future - prospects for wide-field monitoring strategy in the new decade.
  2. Beskin G., Karpov S., Bondar S., Guarnieri A., Bartolini C., Greco G., Piccioni A. Central engine activity as seen in Naked Eye Burst prompt emission.
  3. Greco G., Beskin G., Badjin D., Karpov S., Bartolini C., Guarnieri A. Statistical Analysis of GRBs with Known Redshifts.
  4. Verkhodanov O. To search for dark matter in our Galaxy.

     Chairman Vladimir Sokolov

  • Final discussion

Excursion to RATAN-600

Conference dinner



Excursion to mountains


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