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Here we present the V and Rc images of the GRB 021004 optical transient field. White circles mark the position of the OT GRB 021004. The circle radii are 0.3 arcsec according to astrometrical error.

The optical transient of GRB 021004

V-band, 2250 sec. Click to enlarge V-band, astrometry. Click to enlarge
R-band, 2250 sec. Click to enlarge R-band, astrometry. Click to enlarge

Below is the text of our telegram in GCN circular

NUMBER:  1717
SUBJECT: GRB021004, late time optical observations
DATE:    02/12/02 16:51:59 GMT
FROM:    Vladimir Sokolov at SAO RAS  

T.A. Fatkhullin, V.N. Komarova, A.V. Moiseev (SAO RAS) report for the
larger GOSH collaboration:

The field of the GRB 021004 optical transient was observed with the 
SCORPIO instrument at the 6-m telescope of SAO RAS. The images were 
taken starting from 15:30 to 17:45 UT on Nov 29 and from 18.55 to 
20.00 UT on Nov 30 under conditions of thin cirrus with seeing of 
about 1.2 arcsec in the first night and 1.5 arcsec in the second one. 
The V, Rc and Ic filters were used. The absolute astrometry was done 
relatively to USNO-B1.0 stars with internal error of 0.3 arcsec. 
We detect an object which coincides with the position of the optical 
transient (Henden et al. GCN #1592)  within the astrometric
error. Photometric calibration was performed using 6 standards
(Henden et al. GCN #1630) in our FOV.
The results of the photometry are given below:

 Data    Filter  Exp.       OT mag.     Aperture
 29 Nov   Rc   15x180s   24.36+/-0.18   3.5 arcsec
 29 Nov    V    5x450s   24.53+/-0.18   3.5 arcsec
 30 Nov   Ic   14x120s   >23.9

At this stage it is not clearly whether the object is the pure host
galaxy. Further observations are planned.
Images can be seen at URL:

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