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PSR 0656+14 and Geminga

      We continued the study of pulsar nebulae - remnants of supernova bursts, the search and study of optical radiation of neutron stars.
      Deep photometric study of optical radiation of middle-aged pulsars Geminga and PSR 0656+14 with a Japanease telescope Subaru (S.Zharikov et al.). The BRI fluxes of Cron-Kosints system were esimated. Archive observational data (by HST and NTT/ESO for Geminga) and the data obtained under joint HST requests of SAO, Astro-Space Center of RAS and Physical-Technical Institute were used. Broadband spectra of these neutron stars from UV to IR were built. The analysis of the obtained spectra and their comparison with data from radio to gamma-ray range allow to conclude that the radiation is described by a multi-component model, a non-thermal radiation of pulsar magnetosphere predominating in optical. Observations of objects and whole near-pulsar regions were started with the BTA and HST. (V.G.Kurt et al., 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001. 3 new papers were published.)

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