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Last update: 25 Jul 2017
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The SCORPIO-2 project:
Spectral Camera with Optical Reducer for Photometric and Interferometric Observations - 2

The list of publications based on SCORPIO-2 observations

  1. "Interacting galaxy NGC4656 and its unusual dwarf companion"
    Zasov A. V., Saburova A. S., Egorov O. V., Uklein R. I.
    2017, MNRAS, 469, 4370; -> ADS link
  2. "The 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko observation campaign in support of the Rosetta mission"
    Snodgrass, C. et al.
    2017, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, Volume 375, Issue 2097, id.20160249; -> ADS link
  3. "Fading AGN Candidates: AGN Histories and Outflow Signatures"
    Keel W.C., Lintott Ch.J., Maksym W.P., Bennert V.N., Chojnowski S.D., Moiseev A., Smirnova A., Schawinski K., Sartori L.F., Urry C. M., Pancoast A., Schirmer M., Scott B., Showley Ch., Flatland K.
    2017, ApJ, 835, 256; -> ADS link
  4. "Polarimetry, photometry, and spectroscopy of comet C/2009 P1 (Garradd)"
    Ivanova Oleksandra V.,Rosenbush Vera, Afanasiev Viktor, Kiselev Nikolai
    2017, Icarus, 284, 167; -> ADS link
  5. "Star formation driven galactic winds in UGC 10043"
    Lopez-Coba C., Sanchez S. F., Moiseev, A. V. et al.
    2017, MNRAS, 467, 4951 -> ADS link
  6. "The ultraluminous X-ray source HoII X-1: kinematical evidence of its escape from the cluster"
    Egorov O.V., Lozinskaya T.A., Moiseev A.V.
    2017, MNRAS, 467L, 1; -> ADS link
  7. "Complexes of triggered star formation in supergiant shell of Holmberg II"
    Egorov O.V., Lozinskaya T.A., Moiseev A.V.^ Shchekinov, Yu. A.
    2017, MNRAS, 464, 1833; -> ADS link
  8. "Clues to cometary circular polarization from studying the magnetic field in the vicinity of the nucleus of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko"
    Kolokolova Ludmilla, Koenders Christoph, Goetz Charlotte, Rosenbush Vera, Kiselev Nikolai, Hoang Thiem, Lazarian Alexander
    2017, MNRAS, 462, 422; -> ADS link
  9. "Tidal bridge and tidal dwarf candidates in the interacting system Arp194"
    Zasov, Anatoly V., Saburova, Anna S., Egorov, Oleg V., Afanasiev, Viktor L.
    2016, MNRAS, 462, 3419; -> ADS link
  10. "Spectroscopic and photometric characteristics of stars in the field of the cluster vdB 130"
    Tatarnikova A. A.; Tatarnikov A. M.; Sitnik T. G.; Egorov O. V.
    2016, AstL, 42, 790 ; -> ADS link
  11. "Tidal bridge and tidal dwarf candidates in the interacting system Arp194"
    Zasov, Anatoly V., Saburova, Anna S., Egorov, Oleg V., Afanasiev, Viktor L.
    2016, MNRAS, 462, 3419; -> ADS link
  12. "Search for evidences of gas accretion onto late-type disc galaxies in void environment: first results"
    Egorova E., Moiseev A., Egorov, O. V.,
    2016, Proceeding of the conference The Interplay between Local and Global Processes in Galaxies, Cozumel, Mexico, 2016-4, Eds. S. F. Sanchez, C. Morisset and G. Delgado-Inglada; -> ADS link
  13. "Star formation triggering and its influence on ISM: multiwavelength view on the nearby galaxies"
    Egorov, O. V., Lozinskaya, T. A., Moiseev, A. V.
    2016, Proceeding of the conference The Interplay between Local and Global Processes in Galaxies, Cozumel, Mexico, 2016-4, Eds. S. F. Sanchez, C. Morisset and G. Delgado-Inglada; -> ADS link
  14. "Galaxies with conspicuous optical warps"
    V. P. Reshetnikov, A. V. Mosenkov, A. V. Moiseev, S. S. Kotov, S. S. Savchenko
    2016, MNRAS, 461, 4233; -> ADS link
  15. "First results of the Kourovka Planet Search: discovery of transiting exoplanet candidates from first three target fields"
    A. Y. Burdanov, P. Benni, V. V. Krushinsky, A. A. Popov, E. N. Sokov, I. A. Sokova, S. A. Rusov, A. Yu. Lyashenko, K. I. Ivanov, A. V. Moiseev, D. A. Rastegaev, V. V. Dyachenko, Y. Yu. Balega, O. Basturk, I. Ozavci, D. Puchalski, M. Bretton, R. N., S. Shadick, A. Marchini
    2016, MNRAS, 461, 3854; -> ADS link
  16. "Imaging and spectroscopic observations of a strange elliptical bubble in the northern arm of the spiral galaxy NGC 6946"
    Efremov Yu.N, Moiseev A.V.
    2016, MNRAS, 461, 2993; -> ADS link
  17. "The Diversity of Thick Galactic Discs"
    Kasparova, Anastasia V.; Katkov, Ivan Yu.; Chilingarian, Igor V.; Silchenko, Olga K.; Moiseev, Alexey V.; Borisov, Svyatoslav B.
    2016, MNRAS, 460L, 89; -> ADS link
  18. "P/2008 CL94 (Lemmon) and P/2011 S1 (Gibbs): comet-like activity at large heliocentric distances"
    Kulyk, I.; Korsun, P.; Rousselot, P.; Afanasiev, V.; Ivanova, O.
    2016, Icarus, 271, 314; -> ADS link
  19. "Observational capabilities of the new medium- and low-resolution spectrograph at the 1.6-m telescope of the Sayan Observatory"
    Burenin R. A., Amvrosov A. L., Eselevich, M. V. et al.,
    2016, Astronomy Letters, 42, 295; -> ADS link
  20. "Sample of cataclysmic variables detected in the 400d X-ray survey"
    Burenin, R. A.; Revnivtsev, M. G.; Tkachenko, A. Yu.; Vorob'ev, V. S.; Semena, A. N.; Meshcheryakov, A. V.; Dodonov, S. N.; Eselevich, M. V.; Pavlinsky, M. N.,
    2016, Astronomy Letters, 42, 240; -> ADS link
  21. "Discovery of an unusual bright eclipsing binary with the longest known period: TYC 2505-672-1/MASTER OT J095310.04+335352.8"
    Lipunov, V., Gorbovskoy, E., Afanasiev, V. et al.
    2016, A&A , 588, 90; arXiv:1602.06010; -> ADS link
  22. "Noncircular outer disks in unbarred S0 galaxies: NGC 502 and NGC 5485"
    Sil'chenko, O. K.
    2016, Astronomy Letters, 42, 163; -> ADS link
  23. "Additional spectroscopic redshift measurements for galaxy clusters from the first Planck catalogue"
    Vorobyev, V. S.; Burenin, R. A.; Bikmaev, I. F. et al.
    2016, Astronomy Letters, 42, 63; -> ADS link
  24. "Photometric and spectral studies of the eclipsing polar CRTS CSS081231 J071126+440405"
    Borisov, N. V.; Gabdeev, M. M.; Afanasiev, V. L.
    2016, Astrophysical Bulletin, 71, 101; Russian PDF ;-> ADS link
  25. "Photopolarimetric observations of the sample of polar candidates"
    Borisov, N. V.; Gabdeev, M. M.; Afanasiev, V. L.
    2016, Astrophysical Bulletin, 71, 95; Russian PDF ;-> ADS link
  26. "Analysis of interstellar extinction towards the hypergiant Cyg OB2 No. 12"
    Maryeva, O. V.; Chentsov, E. L.; Goranskij, V. P.; Karpov, S. V.
    2016, Baltic Astronomy, 25, 42; -> ADS link
  27. "Distant Jupiter family Comet P/2011 P1 (McNaught)"
    Korsun, Pavlo P.; Ivanova, Oleksandra V.; Afanasiev, Viktor L.; Kulyk, Irina V.
    2016, Icarus, 266, 88; -> ADS link
  28. "Photometric and spectroscopic analysis of Comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 activity"
    Ivanova O. V., Luk`yanyk I. V., Kiselev N. N., Afanasiev V. L., Picazzio E., Cavichia O., de Almeida A. A., Andrievsky S. M.
    2016, Planetary and Space Science, 121, 10; -> ADS link
  29. "CCD polarimetry of distant comets C/2010 S1 (LINEAR) and C/2010 R1 (LINEAR) at the 6-m telescope of the SAO RAS"
    Ivanova, Oleksandra V., Dlugach J. M., Afanasiev V. L., Reshetnyk V. M., Korsun P. P.
    2015, Planetary and Space Science, 118, 199; arXiv:1506.07986; -> ADS link
  30. " Reduction of CCD observations made with a scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer. III Wavelength scale refinement"
    Moiseev A.V.
    2015, Astrophysical Bulletin, 70, 494; Russian PDF ; arXiv:1511.03886; -> ADS link
  31. "Triggered star formation in giant HI supershells: ionized gas"
    Egorov O.V., Lozinskaya T.A., Moiseev A.V.
    2015, Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions, 29, 17; -> ADS link
  32. "Spectroscopic Study of the Polar BS Tri"
    Borisov N. V., Gabdeev M. M., Shimansky V. V., Katysheva, N. A., Shugarov, S. Yu.
    2015, Astronomy Letters, 41, 646; -> ADS link
  33. "Star-forming regions at the periphery of the supershell surrounding the Cyg OB1 association. I. Star cluster vdB 130 and its ambient gas and dust medium"
    Sitnik Tatiana, Egorov Oleg, Lozinskaya Tatiana, Moiseev Alexei, Rastorguev Alex, Tatarnikov Andrey, Tatarnikova Anna, Wiebe Dmitri;
    2015, MNRAS, 454, 2486; arXiv:1508.05274; -> ADS link
  34. "Observations of Comets C/2007 D1 (LINEAR), C/2007 D3 (LINEAR), C/2010 G3 (WISE), C/2010 S1 (LINEAR), and C/2012 K6 (McNaught) at large heliocentric distances"
    Ivanova O., Neslusan L., Krisandova Z. S., Svoren J., Korsun P., Afanasiev V., Reshetnyk V., Andreev M.
    2015, Icarus, 258, 28; arXiv:1508.05207; -> ADS link
  35. "Polarimetric and spectral observation of dynamical new comet C/2012 J1 (Catalina)"
    O. Ivanova, O. Shubina, A. Moiseev, V. Afanasiev, M. Gabdeev
    2015, Astrophysical Bulletin, 70, 349; Russian PDF ; arXiv:1508.04926; -> ADS link
  36. "Photometric and polarimetric observations of a new polar USNO-A2.0 0825-18396733"
    Afanasiev V. L., Borisov N. V., Gabdeev M. M.
    2015, Astrophysical Bulletin, 70, 328; Russian PDF ; -> ADS link
  37. "New Extended Radio Sources From the NVSS"
    V.R. Amirkhanyan, V.L. Afanasiev, A.V. Moiseev
    2015, Astrophysical Bulletin, 70, 45; Russian PDF ; arXiv ; -> ADS link
  38. "Polarization in lines - a new method for measuring black hole masses in active galaxies"
    Afanasiev V. L., Popovic L. C.
    2015, ApJ, 800L, 35; arXiv ; -> ADS link
  39. "What controls the ionized gas turbulent motions in dwarf galaxies?"
    Alexei V. Moiseev, Anton V. Tikhonov, Anatoly Klypin
    2015, MNRAS, 449, 3568; arXiv:1405.5731 [astro-ph.GA];-> ADS link
  40. "Outer regions of the merging system Arp 270"
    Zasov A., Saburova A., Katkov I., Egorov O., Afanasiev V.
    2015, MNRAS, 449, 1605; arXiv:1503.05220 [astro-ph.GA] [astro-ph.GA];-> ADS link
  41. "Spectropolarimetric monitoring of active galaxy 3C390.3 with 6m telescope SAO RAS in the period 2009-2014"
    Afanasiev V. L., Shapovalova A. I., Popovic L. C., Borisov N. V.
    2015, MNRAS, 448, 2879; arXiv ; -> ADS link
  42. "HST Imaging of Fading AGN Candidates I: Host-Galaxy Properties and Origin of the Extended Gas"
    William C. Keel, W. Peter Maksym, Vardha N. Bennert, Chris J. Lintott, S. Drew Chojnowski, Alexei Moiseev, Aleksandrina Smirnova, Kevin Schawinski, C. Megan Urry, Daniel A. Evans, Anna Pancoast, Bryan Scott, Charles Showley, Kelsi Flatland
    2015, AJ, 149, 155; arXiv; -> ADS link
  43. "Structure and kinematics of the polar ring galaxies: new observations and estimation of the dark halo shape"
    A. Moiseev, S. Khoperskov, A. Khoperskov, K. Smirnova, A. Smirnova, A. Saburova, V. Reshetnikov
    2015, Baltic Astronomy, 24, 76 ; arXiv;-> ADS link
  44. "Dust Evolution in the Dwarf Galaxy Holmberg II"
    D.S. Wiebe, M.S. Khramtsova, O.V. Egorov, T.A. Lozinskaya.
    2014, Astronomy Letters, 40, 287; arXiv ;-> ADS link
  45. "The supergiant shell with triggered star formation in Irr galaxy IC~2574: neutral and ionized gas kinematics"
    Egorov O. V., Lozinskaya T.A., Moiseev A.V., Smirnov-Pinchukov G.V.
    2014, MNRAS, 444, 376; arXiv ; -> ADS link
  46. "To be or not to be oblate: the shape of the dark matter halo in the polar ring galaxies"
    Khoperskov Sergey, Moiseev Alexei, Khoperskov Alexander, Saburova Anna
    2014, MNRAS, 441, 2650; arXiv ; -> ADS link
  47. "Stellar kinematics of X-ray bright massive elliptical galaxies"
    N.Lyskova, E.Churazov, A.Moiseev, O.Sil'chenko, I.Zhuravleva
    2014, MNRAS, 441, 2013; arXiv ; -> ADS link
  48. "Isolated lenticular galaxies: properties and evolution"
    Katkov I. Yu.
    2014, the translate of strongly abridged version of PhD thesis ; arXiv; -> ADS link
  49. "Variability in Spectropolarimetric properties of Sy 1.5 galaxy Mrk 6"
    Afanasiev V. L., Popovic L. C., Shapovalova A. I., Borisov N. V., Ilic D.
    2014, MNRAS, 440, 519; arXiv -> ADS link
  50. "Nature of star-forming rings in S0 galaxies"
    Ilyina M. A., Sil'chenko O. K., Afanasiev V. L,.
    2014, MNRAS, 439, 334; -> ADS link
  51. "Decoupled gas kinematics in isolated S0 galaxies"
    Katkov, I. Yu., Sil'chenko O. K., Afanasiev V. L,.
    2014, MNRAS, 438, 2798 ; arXiv; -> ADS link
  52. "The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Polar Ring galaxies Catalogue: new confirmations"
    Moiseev A., Egorov O., Smirnova K.
    2014, Multi-Spin Galaxies, ASP Conference Series, Vol. 486, p.71 arXiv; -> ADS link
  53. "The shape of dark matter halo in PRG NGC 4262"
    Khoperskov S.A., Moiseev A. V., Khoperskov A.V., Saburova, A. S.
    2014, Multi-Spin Galaxies, ASP Conference Series, Vol. 486, p. 221 arXiv -> ADS link
  54. "Decoupled gas kinematics in isolated early-type disc galaxies"
    Katkov I., Sil'chenko O., Afanasiev V.
    2014, Multi-Spin Galaxies, ASP Conference Series, Vol. 486, p. 149, arXiv -> ADS link
  55. "Variability in Spectropolarimetric properties of Sy 1.5 galaxy Mrk 6"
    Afanasiev V. L., Popovic L. C., Shapovalova A. I., Borisov N. V., Ilic D.
    2013, MNRAS, accepted; arXiv -> ADS link
  56. "Follow up spectroscopy and photometry of TYC 2505-672-1 (MASTER OT J095310.04+335352.8)"
    V. Afanasiev D. Denisenko, V. Krushinsky, E. Gorbovskoy, V. Lipunov et al. 2013, ATel #4834 -> ADS link
  57. "Planck 2013 results. XXIX. Planck catalogue of Sunyaev-Zeldovich sources"
    Planck Collaboration; Ade P.A. et al.,...
    2013, A&A, submitted; arXiv -> ADS link
  58. "Lenticular Galaxy IC 719: Current Building of the Counterrotating Large-scale Stellar Disk"
    Katkov Ivan Yu.; Sil'chenko Olga K.; Afanasiev Victor L.
    2013, ApJ, 769, 105 -> ADS link
  59. "Study of the late nitrogen-sequence Galactic WolfRayet star WR156. Spectropolarimetry and modeling"
    Maryeva O. V.; Afanasiev V. L.; Panchuk V. E.
    2013, NewA, 25, 27 -> ADS link
  60. "The MASTER-II network of robotic optical telescopes. First results"
    Gorbovskoy E. S., Lipunov V. M., Kornilov V. G. et al.
    2013, Astronomy Reports, 57, 233; Astronomicheskii Zhurnal, 90, 267 (in Russian); arXiv -> ADS link
  61. "Linear and circular polarization of comet C/2009 P1 (Garradd)"
    Kiselev N. N.; Rosenbush V. K.; Afanasiev, V. L.; Kolesnikov S. V.; Zaitsev S. V.; Shakhovskoy D. N.
    2013, Earth, Planets and Space, Volume 65, Issue 10, p. 1151 -> ADS link
  62. "Emission spectrum of ionized gas in the irregular galaxy Holmberg II"
    Egorov O.V., Lozinskaya T.A., Moiseev A.V.
    2013, MNRAS, 429, 1450 -> ADS link
  63. "Polar rings dynamics in the triaxial dark matter halo"
    Khoperskov S.A., Moiseev A. V., Khoperskov A.V.
    2012, Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana Supplement, 25, 51, arXiv:1211.1307 [astro-ph.CO] -> ADS link
  64. "Comet C/2010X1 (Elenin). Unrealized expectations"
    Korsun, P. P., Kulyk, I. V., Moiseev, A. V., Afanasiev, V. L.
    2012, Astrophysical Bulletin, 67, 414; Russian PDF -> ADS link
  65. "Comparative Polarimetry of Comets 103P/Hartley 2, 9P/Tempel 1, and C/2009 P1 (Garradd)"
    Kiselev, N. N.; Rosenbush, V. K.; Afanasiev, V. L.; Blinov, D. A.; Kolesnikov, S. V.; Zaitsev, S. V.
    2012, in "Asteroids, Comets, Meteors 2012", LPI Contribution No. 1667, id.6102 PDF -> ADS link
  66. "Opposition Optical Phenomena in Solar System Bodies: Observational Results"
    Rosenbush, V. K.; Kiselev, N. N.; Zaitsev, S. V.; Afanasiev, V. L.; Kolesnikov, S. V.; Antoniuk, K. A
    2012, in "Asteroids, Comets, Meteors 2012", LPI Contribution No. 1667, id.6130 PDF -> ADS link
  67. "Technique of polarimetric observations of faint objects at the 6-m BTA telescope"
    Afanasiev V. L.; Amirkhanyan V. R.
    2012, AstBu, 67, 438 (Russian PDF) -> ADS link
  68. "Ionized gas velocity dispersion in nearby dwarf galaxies: looking at supersonic turbulent motions"
    Moiseev A.V., Lozinskaya T.A.
    2012, MNRAS, 423, 1831 -> ADS link
  69. "Short Bright MASTER OT114444.53 +323011.3 detection and 6-m telescope follow up deep image"
    D. Gareeva, V. Lipunov, E. Gorbovskoy, P. Balanutsa, N. Tyurina, V. Kornilov, A. et al. 2011, ATel #3823 -> ADS link
  70. "A new catalogue of polar-ring galaxies selected from the SDSS."
    Moiseev A.V., Smirnova K.I., Smirnova A.A., Reshetnikov V.P.
    2011, MNRAS, 418, 244 -> ADS link
  71. "MASTER OT 082752.77+704606.0 discovery and 6 meter telescope follow-up spectroscopic observations"
    A.V. Moiseev, E.Gorbovskoy, P.Balanutsa, V.Lipunov, et al.,
    2011, ATel #3255 -> ADS link
  72. "Identification of the new INTEGRAL hard X-ray source IGR J03249+4041 with interacting Seyfert 2 galaxies"
    A. Lutovinov, R.Burenin, S.Sazonov, M.Revnivtsev, A.Moiseev, S.Dodonov
    2010, ATel #2759 -> ADS link